Recruiters have been compared to psychologists, mentors, and friends whose advice you'd actually listen to.

These comparisons are accurate because recruiters, like psychologists, mentors, and good friends, help candidates make sense of complex situations, and make positive changes in their lives.

If your candidate is considering changing roles, companies, or careers, you're presented with a highly complex situation. There's much to consider before you can provide proper guidance.

In order to provide proper guidance, you must understand the situation you're working with. And because understanding is built on truth, you need to encourage the truth to come out.

Upholding a committment to transparency encourages your candidates to do the same.

Yes, transparency might cause short-term problems.

Uncomfortable conversations.

Loss of revenue.

Placement delays.

But in the long run, transparency builds trust that will steadily grow your business closer towards its potential.

In order to find better fits for your candidates, and provide better long-term solutions to your clients, uphold a committment to transparency.