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Make Improving Your Submittal to Business Acceptance Rate Your 2019 Resolution

2019 is right around the corner!

Instead of making a classic New Year’s resolution that you know you’ll give up on (like 4:00 am gym trips), consider a professional goal instead - like improving your submittal to business acceptance rate.


Submittal to business acceptance (SBA) rate is the percentage of candidates submitted to a hiring manager from a recruiter that are hired.

For example, if you are working with a client that has one open position and you submit three candidates for them to interview and they select only one, your SBA rate for that role will be 33.33%. If you have an additional client that you submitted five candidates for, and they hired one of them your combined SBA rate will be 25%.


There’s a delicate balance every recruiter must master between giving a client options and giving a client too many options. Ideally, you want more than two high-quality applicants to present to your client, but you also don’t want to present ten candidates - many of which are likely mediocre.

So, in order to achieve a high SBA rate, you need to refine your recruiting process to attract the best possible candidates.


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Attract Quality Candidates With Your Job Ad and Description

The job ad and description are the first things any potential candidate will see.

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, this is a crucial part of the recruitment process because it sets the tone for the business you’re recruiting for as well as for the job itself.

Part of getting a quality candidate that will thrive in a role is by being truthful about the job and the company. Your job ad and description should paint a clear picture of a day in the life in the role.

If you’re recruiting for a corporate business, don’t market it as a laid-back culture.

By being proactive in writing your job ad and description, you’ll attract the type of candidate that enjoys the culture you’re describing - which is a candidate that will do well in interviews and ultimately as a new hire.


Filter Through Your Applicant Pool

Even if your job ad and description are well-written, you will likely still end up with more candidates than you can pass along to your hiring manager, which means you will need to carefully screen each applicant to find the best matches. You can use your typical ATS tools to do this (filtering by qualifications, etc.) or you can add a video portion to your application.

Video tools, like those offered by DeepHire, allow you to present a few questions to applicants that they then answer on video.

This system will likely make your applicant pool a little smaller, but it will be full of people who are genuinely interested in the role because very few people will take the extra time to record a video if they are only passively applying to a job.

A tool like this will get you one step closer to improving that SBA rate because it will do a lot of the work for you.


Screen Top Applicants - Twice

After you’ve filtered through your candidate pool, create a tailor-made phone screen for the position you’re working on. Be sure to include questions that align with what your hiring manager is specifically looking for in an employee (read more on how to keep your hiring manager happy here).

Then, once you’ve done this, consider one more round of screening before passing off your top choices to the hiring manager.

A second screen can easily be done by sending a second set of video questions for the candidates. These questions can be more pointed than the application questions, and can even be customized to fit the person.

Once candidates have submitted their answers, you can review and even send them on to the hiring manager as part of your presentation for their review before interviewing - DeepHire lets you do this seamlessly and allows you to communicate back and forth within the system. This one small step will make a big impact on your SBA rate.


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Improving your SBA rate is a big part of your success as a recruiter.

It lets you know that you’re doing your job well and that your processes are effective.

DeepHire makes it simple to implement a few changes that will significantly impact your quality of candidate and ultimately your quality of hire.

Check out our website at or give us a call at 330-931-8770 to learn more about how we can help you improve your SBA rate before the end of 2019’s first quarter - making this your easiest resolution ever.

Cheers to that!