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Attract The Right Candidates With Your Job Posting

You've spent time and energy into writing the perfect job description. You've listed every responsibility and did your best to somehow translate your company's culture into the posting. Now, you go live with the post and wait for the applications to roll in.


Whether it is an entry-level job or a niche role requiring a highly-qualified "unicorn" candidate, one of the toughest parts of the recruiting process is weeding through the stack of resumes that come your way. You may be faced with 100 applications for a single role, and you’re tasked with finding the top candidates in the pool. Not to mention, time is of the essence, because according to CareerBuilder, 78% of candidates say that they believe their overall recruitment/hiring experience is a direct reflection of how the company treats and values its people. Asking a qualified person to wait months before moving them along in the process could mean you lose them to another company, or could earn your company a bad reputation.


So, how do you attract the best people and save yourself (and the candidate) time in the process?


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Write an Effective Job Description

  • Make the job title specific. Instead of titling the role “Executive Assistant” consider adding more detail such as “Executive Assistant to the Chief HR Officer.” In this example, this will deter people who aren’t interested in HR from applying but will grab the attention of those that are or those that have experience in the field.
  • Keep the job summary informative but light. Adding too much content in the first paragraph will make peoples’ eyes glaze over. Write a strong summary, but leave the nitty-gritty aspects of the job for the responsibilities section.
  • When you do write the responsibilities section, include information about “a day in the life” of a person in that role. You may even consider adding a video of a current employee going over these details. The video will not only allow you to show off the job a little more, but it will also give applicants a better idea of whether or not they’d actually enjoy the role before hitting “submit” on their application.


Know What You’re Looking For

  • If you’re looking for a “unicorn”, be specific in the qualifications section of the job description. Include “non-negotiable” qualifications such as “2-3 years experience in the human resources field” or “previous role as an executive assistant”. This won’t deter every underqualified candidate from shooting for the stars, but it will make your stack of applications a little smaller, and a little more refined.
  • Market the role in a strategic way. Of course, post the job on the typical platforms, but consider marketing it with specific keywords (or hashtags for social media platforms). If your dream candidate doesn’t actively follow your company, they may follow certain keywords/hashtags that will allow the job posting to show up on their feed. Additionally, if you’re able to, post the job on group boards like LinkedIn’s “HR Professionals” (this is also a good place to embed that “a day in the life” video).


Refine Your Application Questions

  • Every recruiter knows basic qualifying questions to ask on an application. It’s easy to weed people out by having them click multiple choice answers that relate to their experience. However, what if there is a diamond in the rough that would fit the role but may not have the exact degree you’re looking for? Instead of going the traditional route, come up with pointed questions that will help you get a real understanding of the candidate’s personality and interest.
  • Essay-type application questions are a fantastic way to save yourself time as a recruiter because you’ll quickly figure out who to call for a phone screen. However, all the extra reading essay questions require will significantly impact that time saved. To really cut down on time, consider a video application system like DeepHire. The service allows you to create questions for the candidate, which they then answer in a video. Once the candidate is done, the video is sent to you and all you have to do is listen to the answers, instead of reading them.
  • A big part of recruitment is making sure the final candidates are not only qualified but are also a fit for the culture. If you work in a very corporate environment you don’t want to bring someone in who is looking for ping-pong tables and a casual dress code. To help with this, create questions that align with your company’s culture. Ask if they need strict 8-5 hours, or if they’re looking for a flexible schedule. A video screen is helpful here, too, as it will allow you to gauge their personality and how they carry themselves better than any phone screen will.


Attract The Right Candidate 1


Unfortunately, with recruiting, time usually isn’t on your side, so you need to attract the right people quickly. You need to be able to get the top candidates to the hiring manager and get the process moving fast in order to keep top talent interested (and, to get the role filled). It requires strategy, but it can be done.


Check out to learn more about how the service can help you save time, and find the right fit for your company. Or, give us a call at 330-931-8770 we’d love to chat with you about your goals!